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First MaTYSSE meeting - Toulouse 2015 Nov 02-04 (+ Nov 05)

Workshop venue

The workshop took place at IRAP / OMP (site Belin, salle Coriolis). Thanks to all participants for this very fruitful and enjoyable time!

For basic information on how to get there and move around, and for suggestions of places to stay in downtown Toulouse, click here. If you are interested in participating to this workshop and in proposing an oral contribution, please contact and

Workshop SOC and LOC

SOC: S Alencar, M Jardine, F Ménard, G Hussain and JF Donati
LOC: JF Donati, G Hussain, D Granat, C Gaiti and JF Botte

Workshop programme

Day 1: magnetic topologies of PMS stars

chairperson: S Alencar

  • 11:00: coffee break
  • 12:40: lunch break

chairperson: J Morin

  • 16:00: coffee break

Day 2: magnetospheric accretion & winds

chairperson: G Hussain

  • 11:00: coffee break
  • 12:40: lunch break

chairperson: S Gregory

  • 16:00: coffee break
  • 20:00: workshop dinner in downtown Toulouse

Day 3: accretion discs & planets - future instruments

chairperson: M Jardine

  • 11:00: coffee break
  • 12:40: lunch break

chairperson: F Ménard

  • 16:00: coffee break
  • 16:20: summary, final discussion, new projects & wrap up (S Alencar / M Jardine / F Ménard)
  • 17:30: end of main workshop

Day 4: informal work sessions on MaTYSSE topics

  • ZDI modeling of magnetic topologies - organizer: G Hussain

Workshop participants

The following persons are currently registered (with assumed dates of presence in parentheses):

  • as speakers: J Morin (Nov 2-3), S Gregory (Nov 2-5), A Vidotto (Nov 2-5), C Folsom (Nov 2-5), A Scholz (Nov 2-3), C Davies (Nov 2-4), F Gallet (Nov 2-4), M Browning (Nov 2-3), S Brun (Nov 2), S Alencar (Nov 2-4), L Venuti (Nov 2-4), G Herczeg (Nov 2-4), H Takami (Nov 2-4), C Manara (Nov 2-4), C Zanni (Nov 2-4), S Mohanty (Nov 2-4), M Jardine (Nov 2-5), A Dupree (Nov 2-4), N Brickhouse (Nov 2-4), F Ménard (Nov 3-4), C Baruteau (Nov 2-4), AM Lagrange (Nov 4), E Hébrard (Nov 2-4), P Petit (Nov 2-5), A Carmona (Nov 2-4), L Jouve (Nov 2-4), A Hatzes (Nov 2-4), G Hussain (Nov 2-5), JF Donati (Nov 2-5)
  • as participants: C Hill (Nov 2-5), L Kulenthirarajah (Nov 2-4), B Nicholson (Nov 2-5), A Lavail (Nov 2-5), Y Xiang (Nov 2-5), V See (Nov 2-5), L Lehmann (Nov 2-5), J Llama (Nov 2-5), S Ataiee (Nov 2-4).

If you plan to come, already contacted us and do not see your name in the list, or if the dates of presence are incorrect, this is probably a mistake on our side - please contact us to and we will fix it.

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