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Postdoctoral positions related to MaTYSSE are advertised here. No positions are currently available

2015 Feb 17: MaTYSSE postdoc on star / planet formation (job allocated on 2015 June 30)

Applications are invited for a 2yr postdoctoral position (renewable for one additional year) in observational stellar astrophysics at IRAP / OMP / UFTMiP. The successful candidate will work with Drs JF Donati (CNRS / IRAP / OMP / UFTMiP) and G Hussain (ESO, Chaire d’Attractivité at UFTMiP) on spectropolarimetric studies of T Tauri stars within the framework of MaTYSSE (Magnetic Topologies of Young Stars and the Survival of massive close-in Exoplanets), a Large Programme bringing together experts in star formation to understand the role of magnetic fields in the early evolution of low-mass stars.

The work will focus on studying the properties of large-scale magnetic topologies of a sample of weak-line and classical T Tauri stars from sets of phase-resolved spectropolarimetric data collected within the MaTYSSE Large Program with the 3.6m CFHT, 2m TBL and 3.6m ESO telescopes, using the indirect imaging technique of Zeeman-Doppler Imaging. Another project goal will be to look for the potential presence of massive close-in exoplanets orbiting around the MaTYSSE targets. This work will also serve as science preparation for SPIRou, the new generation nIR velocimeter/spectropolarimeter to be implemented at CFHT in 2017, and currently in construction at IRAP / OMP / UFTMiP.

We are seeking a highly motivated researcher specialized in observational stellar astrophysics. Prior experience in the following areas is strongly preferred: spectropolarimetry, stellar surface imaging, stellar magnetic fields and velocimetry. Applicants should send their complete CV with full publication list, along with their long-term research project, to and by 2015 June 1st.

Located in Toulouse, France, IRAP / OMP / UFTMiP provides a productive research environment, with 250+ persons working in most domains of astrophysics, from theoretical research to instrumentation.

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