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Getting to IRAP / OMP & practical information

Getting to IRAP / OMP

OMP is located at 14 avenue E Belin in Toulouse, i.e. there on google map (look for the blue flag labelled IRAP site Belin).

The fastest way to get there from Toulouse-Blagnac airport is by taxi - which takes about 20 min and costs about 50 € one way. The best way to get there from downtown Toulouse is by public transport (called Tisseo in Toulouse, see next item) - which takes about 20 min and costs 1.5 € (single ticket). Using Tisseo from the airport to downtown is also possible, using either the Airport shuttle (about 30 min and 8 €) or the tram (same time, and cheaper) - both operated by Tisseo (see below). Altogether, using Tisseo from the airport to OMP takes about 1 hr including transfers.

Toulouse public transport (Tisseo)

Public transport in Toulouse is called Tisseo and involves a metro (2 main lines), trams (2 lines) and a network of buses. It also features the Airport Shuttle running to and from downtown every 20 min or so.

You can use the static pdf map or the interactive map of all buses / metro / tram lines to plan your trips / connections. It allows you to work out itineraries between two different locations at specific dates / times, for instance between "Aéroport Blagnac" and "14 avenue Edouard Belin" (aka IRAP / OMP).

One of the easiest way to get to IRAP / OMP from downtown Toulouse with Tisseo is as follows:

  • take the metro line B to Faculté de Pharmacie;
  • just outside the Faculté de Pharmacie metro station there's a bus stop, take the 78 bus in direction St Orens Lycée;
  • get out at the CNES-IAS stop (<5 min from Faculté de Pharmacie).

The same ticket you use for the metro will work on the bus and the bus runs every ~15 minutes on weekday mornings.

Fares are mentioned here - with an unlimited 3-day pass on metro / buses / trams costing for instance 10.5 € (as of 2015 Sept). Note that this pass does not include access to the Airport Shuttle but let you use tram T2 (that goes to the airport).

Bike rentals (VeloToulouse)

Toulouse also features a network of bike rentals (by the Town Hall rather than by Tisseo) called VeloToulouse (like Velib in Paris) with which you can pick a bike at one of the 250+ stations throughout Toulouse and drop it at any other station (there are several such stations close to OMP: #237, #223, #222 and #224). A 1-day access to the bike network costs 1.2 € (as of 2015 Sept) and each bike trip within this day is free if shorter than 30 min (see fares for more information)

Suggested places to stay

There are many hotels downtown Toulouse for a typical cost of about 80-100 € per night at the type of our workshop (many of them offering significant discounts for advanced booking), and for instance:

You can find many more using the usual hotel booking sites - but make sure that the hotel is located downtown, or at least close to a Tisseo metro / bus / tram station to ease your trips back and forth to IRAP / OMP during the workshop.

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